Have you noticed you can’t schedule posts from your Facebook page like you used to? Now you get a little box at the bottom of the post offering you publishing tools.

If you click there you see squirrelled away in the left hand menu a link to Creator Studio. This is where you should be heading now to create and schedule your posts – here’s a quick link for you.

Once you get there you’ll see all the pages you have at the top of the page. You can pick and choose which to look at and even set up collections of favourites you want to see data from.

As we start to go through it you’ll see how easy it is to use. I’ve screen shot my page below as an example.

So, in the top right corner you’ll see the notifications, these are for all the pages you manage. It works the same as your personal notifications, if you’ve a red number you have things to check out!

Page roles - what you can see and do

Everyone can access it from Creator Studio regardless of the role you’re assigned, as well as any Instagram accounts linked to that Page. However, there is a difference in the specific information you see and the actions you can take on that Page and any Instagram account linked to it depending on the role you’ve got. The tables below gives you what different Page roles can do to both the Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts in Creator Studio:

Connect Instagram in Creator Studio

Firstly you obviously need to have an Instagram account and have converted your Instagram account to a business profile or Creator account. You can then link your Instagram account to a Facebook Page you manage through the page settings and the account settings in Instagram.

Once you’ve done this click on the instagram icon at the top of the Creator Studio.

If you don’t already manage a Facebook Page that’s connected to an Instagram account simply select Connect to Instagram. Then, follow the instructions to log in to the Instagram account that you want to connect.

NOTE! Before connecting your Instagram account to a Page you manage, make sure that you check who else manages it.

using Creator Studio with multiple Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts

Ok, so you have your accounts linked so now let’s talk about switching between the pages and accounts.

As you can see in the image above Creator Studio makes it easy to see whether you are in the Facebook section or Instagram section by using the colours you know from each app. You simply click on the relevant icon to switch between the two.

Choose the Pages you want to view

In the Facebook section you’ll see your pages like the image below, you can select from this list what page you want to post to or what insights you want to look at but we’ll come on to that later.

If you like you can create a collection, this can make it easier to control the information you see and the actions you take, especially if you are managing multiple pages.

Simply click on the drop down arrow and select create collection (as you can see in the image below), select the pages to add to your collection and click save – as simple as that!

In the instagram section you see all your pages and the option for which to post to comes under the create post button. We’ll save that for another lesson!

Manage and create pages

In the left hand menu you will also find the settings menu where you can create a new page, manage roles and assign a new role. 

Additionally you can go into the standard page settings but only by the individual page and this opens in a new window.

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I hope you’ve found this information useful! Please keep checking back to the website for more and follow me for more top tips!